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In the beginning of my career as an artist I loved picking vibrant colours, comparing their lightness-darkness and boldly transferring them to the canvas without much awareness of where this came from. This resulted in op-art, which was innovative at the time. Later I learned that there is an acclaimed artist named Ay-O  in Japan, who uses the same kind of striped gradient motifs in his paintings. He was already famous at that time and I might have been pegged as a plagiarist: Someone named Ai-Li does the same thing as the Japanese Ay-O! I abruptly gave up the styl I had invented, despite the fact that it held a lot of promise for development. It was a pity, of course, but I actually enjoyed this unexpected turn in my work, which gave me the opportunity to start painting the sea instead, something that I had already dreamt of as a child.

Meri on sõlmes 2000 acrylic 42x150cm

Knotted up Sea, 2000, acryl on millboard, 42x150cm